Mercier Family Photos

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Calgary Family Photos - The Mercier Family


When you were a kid did adults always want to squish your cheeks? I could never understand why that was as a chubby cheeked little boy... But not I do!

After meeting Ryan and Sarah's adorable wee baby Hayden I totally get the urge to just want to squish her adorable little cheeks!



I've been lucky enough to know Ryan and Sarah from long before I photographed their beautiful Rouge Restaurant wedding back in 2014. So I was, of course, super happy for them when they told me they were having their first baby! Then I finally got to meet Hayden and I gotta say this baby is crazy amounts of cute!


I love getting to be a part of all the amazing milestones in people's lives! One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is that you get to come back again and again to photograph the big and small occasions and landmarks in the lives of young families.


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