Brendan Nogue Photography | Favourite Engagement Photos of 2016

Favourite Engagement Photos of 2016

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Calgary Wedding Photography - Favourite Engagement Session Images of 2016

Engagement Sessions!

I love engagement sessions!

For me, as a wedding photographer, engagement photos are a fantastic chance to get to know my new wedding couple before I get to spend 12 hours with them, meeting their friends and family on their wedding day! For the bride-and-groom-to-be they get a chance to work with me early on and have a wedding photographer test drive!

I love how much engagement sessions can help make the wedding day photography better and give me a chance to get to know an awesome couple I've just met.

Beyond all these things I mostly just really enjoy the creativity and freedom you get with a couple or engagement session! There are no time lines, no stress and once you get past the initial jitters of getting your photo taken it's a ton of fun so it makes for genuine smiles and great expressions. Plus you get to pick locations that fit you as a couple perfectly! So we can go to some amazing and unique spots that speak to who you are as a couple!

These are just some of the reasons why I include an engagement session for free with every wedding photography package that I offer.

Now check out a few of my favourite engagement and couple session images from 2016!

Thanks as always to my photography partner Photos by Adele for helping me or letting me help her on sessions!




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